Workin hard, late night…

…same old story!

I’m busy like hell! Again there will be no summer vacation for me because of my partners and/or clients.

Web design proposalWeb design proposalFew days ago my co-worker called me with an urgent issue: we have to submit our proposal for – Internet, telephone and TV provider company. And everything would be just fine unless I had only four days to prepare it. It’s a bugger when you have no inspiration but have tough deadlines. Bugger, bugger, bugger!

So, I didn’t do anything for three days. Until tonight.

And, tonight there was no room left for prolonging. I had to make something.

So, I did. And mailed it. Let’s see what happens next.

To be continued.

T-shirt design

Well, I did this T-shirt for Cre8buzz competition.

Cre8buzz is a community for talented people, but what differs them from other communities is that you can’t join unless you’re invited by Cre8buzz member! There you can set up your own page, design it by your choice and voila: attract potential buyers… well, visitors :)

Here are two T-shirt samples I did for the competition using my brushes (Hearts Photoshop brushes, PREMIUM set). Today is deadline, and the winner will be announced on Monday.

Keep your fingers crossed :)

Cre8buzz T-shirt design Cre8buzz T-shirt design