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A big project before Christmas

November 20, 2007

I’m in trouble. And I’m talkin’ big one. OK. Not that big, my health is fine, thank you. It’s business related.

My old client from Hong Kong (Hi Jackson! :)) just hired me again for a huge, 19 points long (and more!), graphic design project.
I guess I won’t be sleeping much in a next month or so. OK. I don’t mean to yawn… but, believe me: it’s a hard job. All that writing, drawing, creating erasing and re-creating and starting it all over again before a decent piece of design comes out – it ain’t easy. But it’s kinda … you know … fun.

I was surprised when I saw that I have more than 50 visitors per day here and this blog that is only few days old! How can it be? But number of my subscribers fell from 5 to only 2. It’s still just a hard beginning, but I am an optimist. I think I have quality stuff to offer and sooner or later visitors will find out too. Lots of them.

Ok, enough talking. Let’s do some singing. Tra-laa-laaaa … khm .. ok
Here are first sketches for my latest logo design job. Comments are welcome.


Greenamic logo sketch Greenamic logo