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Krapanj, the lowest island on the Croatian Adriatic

August 21, 2008

Only 1.5m above the sea level!

It is a unique island because of it’s inhabitants too – back in the old days they were known by sponge diving.

However, I was bit disappointed because the island itself is half ruined and that half (the inhabited one) is not really nice. Buildings are not very well preserved and the new houses do not fit the scenery. People there don’t like animals (dogs or cats), and hotel is built on the graveyard (I had nightmares two nights in a row).

Anyways, last weekend I took my time and shot some photos there using Cokin Sepialight, Cokin Yellow and Cokin Circular Polarizer – hardware filters. No, those photos aren’t Photoshopped 🙂

Click on the image if you wish to see it larger.

Sunset, Krapanj - Croatia Sunset, Krapanj - Croatia Krapanj - Croatia Krapanj - Croatia Krapanj - Croatia Krapanj - Croatia Krapanj - Croatia Krapanj - Croatia Krapanj - Croatia

  • timethief August 21, 2008

    Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  • YogaforCynics August 21, 2008

    Very beautiful images–years ago, I was on an overnight boat ride along the coast of what was then all Yugoslavia (this was 1987), but, sadly, only saw the many islands from the boat…..

  • bsilvia August 21, 2008

    Thanks 🙂

    @YogaforCynics – you should visit them now, there are many beautiful islands

  • Andrea August 21, 2008

    omgosh, those sunsets are just gorgeous! I have a DSLR and I’m still learning how to use it … I hope one day to take such a photo.

  • Silvia dearest, you are as talented a photographer as you are a digital artist! Your part of the world is VERY beautiful!

    I am in AWE! One of my biggest goals once settled in my digital designing is to take a digital photography class and to, once again, learn how to use the manual settings on my DSLR! Enough so to warrant my desire for a better quality camera to, hopefully, one day earn a bit of a living with it.

    You are TRULY an inspiration to me and, no doubt, MANY others as well!!!


    Linda 🙂