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Realtime Logo Competition: One Logo, Two Hours and the Victory

April 4, 2008

OK, Gang, now this 2.0 Internet is really a BLAST!

What happened to me few minutes ago is AMAZING!

I was just hanging around, surfing the net and minding my own business when I went to see what’s up on blog catalogue. And there was this post from Shirley Bowling: “…I need a little picture or something…”

“What to heck” I though, “I have no special plans for next 60 minutes so I could as well do something.”

So, I did this.

And after two hours and several other logos posted Shirly posted the following message: “And the winner is…. bsilvia congrats!”

And now, my graphics-illustrations blog will get additional promotion. Cool, huh? Need a logo? What’s your offer?

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  • Shirley April 11, 2008

    Not trying to sound cheesy… I’m happy you’re happy! 🙂