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  1. Yes, pricey – but it’s a Hasselblad! It’s like a Rolls Royce of cameras! (:) sweet dreams)

    I’m using Canon 20D for a 3 years now… now it’s time for a change, but only for a 5D or 2D maybe.


  2. Wow, your news have made me speechless… What a camera! In case I would have such one, I would sense myself like in the heaven… What a pictures – the dreams could be took … in case I would meet Santa Clause.
    Thank you for the post that enables us to stay in touch with the best we have in the world. That (such information) prompts the dreams – helps not to fall asleep. Thank you and let me invite you to the transformational art of Tomas Karkalas (http://trans4mind.com/karkalas/): while viewing the DVD of my pictures, we will enter the wonderland and will meet the Christmas together – wow, that will be even the greater miracle: what could be better than being not alone (the jobless and without the health and consequently the dependent on the grace from the above)? Thank you for the chance to respond – to share my cheerful “Hi!” You are welcomed to my all other locations on a web.. Click on http://candleday.wordpress.com/ and feel yourself as at home there

  3. Heh guys, it looks like we all have to wait for the “right” lottery numbers :)… but never mind, I’m still happy with my 20D :)


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