Real-estate photography, reportage, food, business and commercial photography.

Hello and welcome! I’m Silvia, the photographer and digital artist behind With a camera in hand and creativity at heart, I’ve journeyed through the fascinating world of visual storytelling.

Background and Inspiration

My love for photography began 1985. Capturing moments, colors, and emotions through the lens, I found a profound connection with the world around me. My exploration further led me into the realms of digital art, where imagination meets the boundless potential of technology.

Mission and Vision

This website is more than just a gallery; it’s a platform where I share my passion for digital creativity. Whether it’s through vibrant photographs or graphic design, my mission is to inspire and ignite a spark of creativity in everyone who visits.

When I’m not behind the camera or the screen, you’ll find me working on ceramics, acrylic paintings or papier-mâché. These personal joys not only enrich my life but often find their way into my art, adding depth and personal touch to my creations.

In the vibrant heart of Europe, I weave through borders and cultures, immersing myself in the artistry that defines me, Silvia Bukovac Gasevic. I was born amidst the picturesque landscapes of Croatia, and my journey has taken me across Luxembourg, Germany, and now Belgium, leaving imprints of my creativity in each place. I don’t just wear the tag of a photographer; I embody it, celebrating it as my profession, vocation, and most ardently, my passion.

While my roots are deep-seated in Croatia, my experiences span Luxembourg and Germany, all culminating in the charming precincts of Belgium. With years dedicated to capturing moments in time, I stand tall as a seasoned professional photographer, my expertise evident in every frame. But what makes my journey even more riveting is my insatiable curiosity. While my hands deftly maneuver mirrorless cameras, my eyes are set on the horizon, keenly observing the promising dance of new technologies.

Professional education and certification

I studied photography in Zagreb and gained a diploma of a professional photography designer. In addition, I got a professional photography certification by the New York school of Photography.

Let’s connect

Feel free to explore the galleries, and if my work resonates with you, don’t hesitate to reach out for collaborations, purchases, or just a friendly chat about art and photography. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram o LinkedIn for regular updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Thank you for visiting. Each click, view, and conversation is a step further in this incredible journey of art and connection. I look forward to sharing and growing this creative space with you.


Interior, exterior and portrait photo shootings for small and large businesses or private professionals.


Photo retouching in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe LightRoom and LuminarNEO.


Video shooting for tourism and real estate agencies, video editing and motion design.