New photo session on Saturday!

Yes, yes: Saturday was another photo session day on woman stockings! I was all tired and in a mess after 6 hours of climbing up and down the ladder, lying on the floor… and as always: I’m not happy with the shots.

I know that the images must and can be better! The main reason is that I wasn’t paying attention on strobes quality and placement. The light is a main thing here, and I messed it up.

I have to practice more and be patient, so next week I have a photo session again!

Take a look at the fresh raw images…

_mg_6248m.jpg _mg_6251m.jpg _mg_6286m.jpg _mg_6370m.jpg _mg_6438m.jpg _mg_6537m.jpg _mg_6581m.jpg _mg_6352m.jpg _mg_6488m.jpg

Photo-session is finished!

It is done! Few hours ago. My photo-session announced on graphics-illustrations. And it was really cool and easy. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be when started!

Take a look at a few images, all without Photoshop touch up – fresh & hot raw materials!

Take care,

_mg_5792mala.jpg _mg_5814_mala.jpg _mg_6035mala.jpg _mg_5837_mala.jpg _mg_5880_mala.jpg _mg_5917_mala.jpg _mg_6012mala.jpg _mg_6056mala.jpg _mg_6075mala.jpg _mg_6118_mala.jpg _mg_6145_mala.jpg

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