Setting Off on a Rainy Day

As the raindrops pitter-patter against my windshield, I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement. Today, I’m driving to Verdun, France, and my trusty mobile is securely mounted on its holder. The mission? To shoot another Kiloutou store. But first, let’s make this drive memorable.

As I hit the road, my mobile camera begins to roll, capturing the essence of the journey. The rain might be pouring, but that doesn’t dampen my spirits. The wipers work in a rhythmic dance, clearing my view just enough to appreciate the beauty of the wet world around me.

Reaching Verdun

Finally, I arrive in Verdun. The shoot at the Kiloutou store goes as planned – nothing extraordinary, but satisfactory nonetheless. The real adventure, it turns out, was the journey itself.

Weathering the Storm

Driving back, I reflect on the day. The weather was demanding, yes, but as I always say, “I enjoy driving no matter the weather”. And today was no exception. The rain added a layer of complexity, a touch of drama, and a whole lot of beauty to what could have been just another drive.