The Dawn of a New Adventure

Ah, October! The month when autumn leaves start to fall, but the sun still graces us with its warm embrace. It was on such a day that I found myself in Lille, France, camera in hand, ready to capture the essence of my client’s store. You see, I usually shoot in Belgium, but this time, the assignment led me across the border. A change of scenery, they call it.

The Crowd Conundrum

The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and it seemed like the entire population of Lille had decided to go shopping. Perfect for the local economy, not so perfect for a photographer trying to capture a store in its most pristine state. You know, the kind of shots that make a place look inviting yet mysteriously empty, like a siren’s call to potential customers.


The Early Bird Gets the… Crowd?

I try to be an early riser when it comes to work. The early morning light is a photographer’s best friend, and empty spaces are the canvas upon which we paint with our lenses. But on this fateful day, it seemed like everyone had set their alarms to “annoy the photographer.” The store was bustling, and avoiding faces in my shots became a game of human Tetris.

The Art of Invisible People

So, how do you make a crowd disappear? No, I didn’t hire a magician, although the thought did cross my mind. Instead, I relied on angles, timing, and a bit of post-processing magic using my faithful Luminar NEO. A high vantage point here, a quick shutter speed there, and voila! People transformed into artistic blurs, adding life without stealing focus. It’s like being a ninja, but with a camera instead of nunchucks.

The Client’s Smile: The Real Reward

After dodging shoppers, adjusting settings, and snapping what felt like a thousand photos, I finally had my shots. And let me tell you, the client’s smile was brighter than the October sun. Mission accomplished, and just in time for a well-deserved pain au chocolat at a local p√Ętisserie.

The Drive Home: A Cinematic Finale

It was the perfect end to a challenging yet fulfilling day. And because every good story deserves a great ending, I captured the drive in a video (actually even in multiple videos). A sunny day photo shoot in Lille had turned into an epic tale of art, adventure, and a whole lot of caffeine.