From Luxembourg to… Well, Everywhere Else!

The Great European Road Trip: 400 Cities, One Car, and a Camera!

Experience the scenic journey to Mons, Belgium, through the lens of a time-lapse video. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Ever since 2019, when I called Luxembourg my home, I’ve been that quirky traveler in a car, snapping photos and shooting videos. And no, I wasn’t lost; I was on a freelance mission!

Neighboring Countries: Been There, Snapped That!

Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium… you name it, I’ve been there! According to my trusty sidekick, Google, I’ve gallivanted through almost 400 cities. That’s 120,000 km of pure, unadulterated adventure (and a bit of gas money)!

Solo Trips: Where Every Journey is a Monologue!

Traveling 200km alone might sound like a snooze fest, but not for me! To keep things spicy, I sometimes shoot videos. Mostly time-lapses. Mostly silent. Think of it as the world’s way of telling me to enjoy the silence.

The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Videos!

Despite my prolific video-making, some of my masterpieces have either vanished into the digital abyss or are playing hide-and-seek on my local drives. But! A select few have graced my YouTube channel. So, if you fancy a virtual road trip with yours truly, hop on over!

Join Me on My Next Adventure!

Whether it’s a picturesque sunset or a quirky roadside attraction, I’m always thrilled to share my viewfinder’s perspective. Who knows? You might just find it as entertaining as I do!