Trier to Trieux to Bissen

What do you get when you mix a sunny day, a camera, and three countries? A photographer’s dream day trip, that’s what! Buckle up, because we’re going from Trier to Trieux to Bissen, and we’re doing it all in 211 km.

The Starting Line: Trier, Germany

Ah, Trier! A city so ancient, it makes Rome look like a teenager. But on this sunny July morning in 2019, I was more focused on the road ahead than the ruins behind. Trieux was calling, and who was I to resist a town with such a tantalizingly similar name?

Crossing Borders: The Luxembourg Layover

Now, you can’t go from Trier to Trieux without crossing through Luxembourg, small but strategically placed. And let’s be honest, Luxembourg is usually synonymous with “traffic jam”. But not today, my friends! The road was as clear as my intentions to snap some real estate HDR photos.

The Destination: Trieux, France

Ah, Trieux! If Trier is the wise elder, Trieux is the quirky cousin. Different countries, similar names, and a shared love for confusing tourists. But I wasn’t here for a name game; I was here for the real estate photoshoot.

real estate photography

The Detour: Bissen, Luxembourg

Just when you thought this trip couldn’t get any more exciting, enter Bissen. A charming Luxembourgish locale that had the honor of being my next real estate photoshoot destination. 36 HDR photos later, I was back on the road.

Let’s talk numbers, shall we? 211 km driven, 36 HDR photos taken, and three countries visited. If this were a video game, I’d have unlocked the “Globe-trotter” achievement by now.

The Multimedia Experience: Timelapse and Photos

Oh, you thought words were enough? Think again! A timelapse driving video will be added to this article, so you can experience the journey in high-speed glory. And let’s not forget that one perfect photo from the Bissen real estate photoshoot. Because what’s a real estate photography tour without some, well, real estate photography?

The Epilogue: A Day Well Spent

As the sun set on this multi-country escapade, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. Not just because I dodged the notorious Luxembourg traffic, but because I had turned an ordinary workday into an extraordinary adventure.

So here’s to Trier, Trieux, and Bissen – the trio that made this trip unforgettable. And to you, dear reader, may your days be as sunny and your journeys as jam-free as this one.