Discovering Vinyl in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

I found myself wandering through a sprawling hall in ‘s-Hertogenbosch city at a vinyl and CD fair, fueled by a curious blend of nostalgia and novelty. It was one of those bright, cheery days that beg for an adventure, so off we went, excited for what we’d find.

Not Just Old School Music

Contrary to what you might think, I’m not exactly a vinyl connoisseur. Truth be told, I hardly ever spin a CD anymore. Everything I want to listen to is just a click away online. Sure, vinyl enthusiasts talk about that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from the turntable, which is supposed to be the “authentic” sound. But let’s be honest – could it be a touch of placebo? Perhaps we’re all just charmed into believing it sounds better.

More Than Just a Fair

Despite my digital inclinations, the fair itself was a delight. Imagine strolling between booths under the hum of lively chatter, a cold beer in one hand and a snack from the food trucks in the other. And of course, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures. There was even a stage where local bands added their live soundtrack to the mix, and a dedicated Kiss fan had set up a mini-exhibit, sharing tales of his rock and roll relics. It was, without a doubt, more than just a fair – it was a festival of music and memories.

A Parking Plot Twist

However, not all was smooth in our vinyl adventure. Upon arriving, the scene at the parking lot was with no signs to guide us or hint at the costs. After hours of enjoying the fair, we were stopped dead in our tracks by a group of working teenagers at the exit, demanding a parking fee – 12 euros for three hours! No warnings, no signs, nothing. It felt like a sour note at the end of a favorite song.

The Melancholy Aftermath

Disheartened, my plans to explore the city further dwindled to nothing. The day was marred by the unexpected expense, leaving me feeling more cheated than cheerful. I headed home, the excitement of the day overshadowed by frustration.

Reflections and Resilience

Yet, as I sit here recounting the day, I find a sense of peace weaving through the disappointment. Writing has a way of softening the sharper edges of an experience. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully cloudy and cool – perfect for continuing the documentary I’ve been working on.