My Adventure in Street Run Photography: 20Km de Bruxelles

Well, that happened – I was one of the official photographers at the 20Km de Bruxelles in Belgium. It was quite the experience, I have to say.

So, I could say I’m pretty new in this photography field. Being a food, real estate, and business photographer makes me take photos really slow and with a lot of time when I am on a job. This time, it was fast, fast, and well – fast!

But, I had a lot of fun, I have to say! I met (again) a lot of new people from Belgium, Germany, and Palestine. Saying that, please check out the photos of my Palestinian colleague Mohammad Abbas. He is young, but experienced, and a really quite good photojournalist.

And… it looks like I will be present at some next sports events in the area in the future.

Anyways, here are just a few photos from the event. For more, you’ll have to go to Sportograf.

The Fast and the Furious: Street Run Photography Basics

Street run photography is all about speed and capturing the energy of the moment. Unlike other types of photography where you have time to set up your shots, street run photography requires you to think on your feet and be ready to snap the perfect shot at any moment.

Here are some basics to keep in mind:

  • Stay Alert: The action happens quickly, and you need to be ready.
  • Know Your Equipment: Familiarize yourself with your camera settings so you can adjust on the fly.
  • Focus on the Faces: Emotions run high during street runs, and capturing those expressions can make your photos stand out.
  • Find Unique Angles: Get creative with your shots to capture the dynamic nature of the event.

The Thrill of the Chase: My Experience at 20Km de Bruxelles

Being a food, real estate, and business photographer, I’m used to taking my time with shots. But street run photography? It’s a whole different beast. The 20Km de Bruxelles was fast-paced and exhilarating. I had to adapt quickly, which was both challenging and thrilling.

This experience has opened up new opportunities for me. It looks like I’ll be attending more sports events in the area in the future. I can’t wait to dive deeper into street run photography and capture more amazing moments.

Check Out the Photos

I’ve shared just a few photos from the event here. For more, head over to Sportograf. You’ll find a treasure trove of incredible shots from the 20Km de Bruxelles and other events.

So, if you’re interested in street run photography, I hope my experience has given you some insight into what it’s like. It’s fast, fun, and full of unexpected moments. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, give it a try – you might just love it!