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Happy thoughts October 27, 2008 Hundertwasser, Klimt and Cafe Leopold at Museums Quartier – Wien

Hi everyone! Just came back from Vienna and did some shots. Weather wasn’t that good but we had some fun. 1. Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna – Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser 2. Wiener Fotomarathon (no, I didn’t know it was going to be the photo-marathon) 3. The Exhibition Highlight 2008: Gustav Klimt and the Kunstschau 1908 4. …

Happy thoughts October 22, 2008 Wordless Wednesday – Last Weekend

Hello WW! Let me show you my last weekend photos and how you can enjoy sailing Croatia in October. Milna, Island of Brac – morning Trogir, calm sea A man with the guitar, Trogir Typical street in Trogir (old town) Waiting for the wind Hungry skipper Matija “Hard work” 🙂

Photography September 5, 2008 Liquid photography

Let me show you some shots taken for (all photos are for sale, and you can get them at acclaimimages, last water splash image is awailable at    

Photography June 20, 2008 Product photography – beads
And here are some of my works for one of my clients who hired me to make photos of their products (in this case - beads). For marketing and other purposes.  Click on image to enlarge it.
Photography February 16, 2008 Food Photos: Vegetable images

Here are my photos of vegetables (leek, garlic, onion, peppers….) taken for photo agency (all photos are for sale, and you can get them at acclaimimages, some of them are even available at And now, please click on images to enlarge them and view: