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Photography Portfolio December 6, 2019 My Latest Photoshoot in Luxembourg

It is a pure luck that I enjoy driving. Not as much as I enjoy photography though, but I do enjoy driving. Why is it a pure luck? Well, if you’ve been to Luxembourg lately, you know what kind of traffic we have there. Yep. Takes a lot of patience. This is why it is …

Portfolio November 14, 2019 Small Business in Strasbourg, Ceramic Atelier

I was really happy to visit Strasbourg again! It is a lovely city to visit even in Autumn. Parking could be a problem, but I remembered that Parking service/app I used in Brussels and, well, luckily enough, it was covering Strasbourg too. Already the day before the shoot I reserved the parking spot in the …

Portfolio November 13, 2019 Small Business in Strasbourg

Yesterday I traveled to the Strasbourg. From three routes offered on Google maps I chose the road that goes through the Saarbrücken thinking that this one be the best, but I was oh, so wrong. I got stuck in a traffic around and within Saarbrücken in both directions and going home at night was not …

Portfolio November 2, 2019 Nancy Photoshoot

I am always happy when visiting nearby cities in France and especially places like Metz, Strasbourg and also Nancy. Sadly, this time it was night time photoshoot and I did not have enough time for even a short walk in the city. I was really tired, driving through Luxembourg was not easy because the A3 …

Photography February 15, 2018 Birding

Birding in my backyard 🙂

Photography September 29, 2016 Sea, closeup and personal

no filters, no Photoshop 🙂 Sandy beach sunset

Photography February 27, 2016 Adopt a cat

Cats waiting for adoptions, under the care of volunteers from S.O.S. Cat rescue group.

Photography January 15, 2016 Winter Sunset

Winter sunset in my backyard.

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