My Love Letter to Black and White Photography

Once upon a time, in a world before digital dominance, I started a journey with analog cameras and black and white film negatives. Back in those days, our photography professors held the keys to the kingdom – a single Durst color enlarger that we could only dream of using due to its cost. Instead, our creative adventures were powered by Meopta enlargers from Czechia, a trusty companion in our quest to capture the world in monochrome.

I was so enchanted by this world that I created a darkroom sanctuary right in our bathroom. Imagine that! A place where time stood still, and the only colors that mattered were shades of gray. It was a normal thing back then, a rite of passage for those of us chasing the magic of light and shadow.

Fast forward through the years, digital cameras have revolutionized our craft, yet a part of me remains in that darkroom. The nostalgia for black and white photography has never left me, driving me to seek out analog cameras once again and embark on a journey back to my roots. I’ve even dabbled in developing negatives at home, a testament to the enduring allure of this art form.

Epoxy Resin and Medium Format Negatives

However, my adventures didn’t stop at photography. I ventured into the realm of creativity by using these negatives, specifically medium format, in a most unusual way – I cast them in epoxy resin. Yes, it was as challenging as it sounds! Those light, airy negatives wanted to float, and I found myself in a constant battle, poking them back into place with toothpicks as the resin slowly hardened. Though UV resin might have been an easier path, it didn’t suit my vision. The result? Four unique necklaces, each a story, a memory encased in resin. One found a home with my mother-in-law, while the others serve as charming dust collectors and reminders of my creative journey.

So, what’s the point of all this, you might wonder? Black and white photography, with its rich history and artistic depth, offers a playground for creativity not just through the camera lens but in how we choose to share and celebrate those captured moments. It’s a reminder that photography is not just about capturing what we see; it’s about sharing how we see the world.

But, let’s not forget the essence of black and white photography. It’s more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s a way to connect with the roots of our craft, to see beyond the spectrum of color and find the stories hidden in the interplay of light and shadow. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a curious newcomer, the world of black and white photography invites you to explore, to experiment, and to express yourself in the most uniquely personal ways.

Embrace the Adventure

Remember, the journey into black and white photography is not just about revisiting the past; it’s about discovering new ways to bring those timeless techniques into our modern world. So, whether you find joy in the darkroom’s amber glow or in experimenting with new mediums for your art, the essence of black and white photography remains the same – it’s a celebration of the world in its most elemental form, a canvas where light, texture, and emotion play the leading roles.

So, here’s to black and white photography – a field where simplicity and complexity dance together, inviting us all to capture the soul of the world through our lenses. May your journey be filled with discovery, creativity, and, most importantly, fun.