The Week That Was: A Snapshot

Life comes at you fast, especially when you’re a photographer juggling multiple projects. This week was no exception. From getting a cold to dealing with the ever-changing landscape of photography, let’s dive into my rollercoaster of a week.

Sniffles and Sunsets: The Cold That Stole My Weekend

The Ill-Timed Cold

Just when I thought I could enjoy the last sunny weekend of the year, my body had other plans. A cold hit me like a rogue wave, thanks to exhaustion and stress. So much for my outdoor dreams!

The Silver Lining: Indoor Creativity

Being confined indoors wasn’t all bad. It gave me time to experiment with image-to-video and text-to-video generators. You can check out the fruits of my labor on

The Urban Jungle: Photoshoots and Public Transport

The City as My Studio

Most of my photoshoots this week were urban affairs, which meant hopping on and off public transport. And yes, I turned that experience into a video too!

The Changing Game: AI and Photography

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: AI. With apps turning everyone into instant photographers, the professional landscape is shifting. But hey, adaptability is the name of the game, and I learned to swim with the tide long ago.

Feline Chronicles: Writing About My Cats

When life gives you lemons – or in this case, a cold – you make lemonade. Or write about cats. I spent some quality time updating my website. Because who doesn’t need a dose of adorable furballs to brighten their day?

Vroom Vroom: Car Troubles and Triumphs

The Thirsty Car

My car decided to join the drama by guzzling oil like it was going out of style. Thankfully, that issue is now resolved.

The Car Wash Miracle

And let’s hear it for my husband, the unsung hero who whisked my car off to the car wash. Now it’s as fresh as a daisy and ready for next week’s adventures.

The Future: Adapting to the New

The Shrinking Real Estate Shoot List

AI isn’t just affecting portrait photography; it’s also making inroads into real estate photography. But I’m not worried. I have skills that are not just photography related.

The Takeaway: Adapt and Overcome

The world is changing, and we have to change with it. Whether it’s learning new skills or finding joy in the small things (like writing about cats), the key is to adapt and keep moving forward.