Autumn on my terrace

Hello, hello everyone, my dear unknown visitors from all around the globe!

I stayed at home last weekend so I don’t have new travel photos. But, here are some of my latest shots from the my terrace. One of them turned out to be a a great desktop wallpaper calendar (for five different screens), you can download that one on

Pampa grass Pampa grass Pampa grass Pampa grass Lilly Lilly Autumn red leaf Autumn red leaf Autumn red leaf Autumn red leaf Autumn red leaf

2 thoughts

  1. Your photos are AMAZING! You not only captured some very delicate and interesting images, but, your depth settings make them just beautiful.

    I did some macro photo practice, yesterday. The camera I used was not a real good one, but, I practiced the various settings. It helped me to understand them better.

    If you care to take a peek, I have the images on my Blogger page:

    Thanks for sharing such beauty!


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