Business Event Photo and Video Pack (up to 150 photos, video event and up to 4 video interivews)

Business event photography plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of corporate gatherings. It not only documents important moments and details for posterity but also serves as a powerful tool for marketing and brand storytelling. Professional photos from these events can enhance your company’s portfolio, showcase your team’s dynamics, and highlight your business culture to potential clients and partners. Investing in quality photography for your business events is investing in your brand’s future, creating a visual legacy that can engage and attract a wider audience.

Business Event Photo and Video Pack
Business Event Photo and Video Pack

Photography Service Inclusions and Pricing Overview

  • * 8 hours of photography at the event
  • * 130-150 photos at the location
  • * professionaly edited photos in size of 3500pix-4500pix
  • * video of the event: 4K video, from 1 to 2 minutes long, edited with subtitles (if needed) and background music (2-3 variations to choose from)
  • * 2-4 inteviews of participants: 4K video, from 30 sec to 1 minute long, lightly edited with subtitles (if needed)

Price: 1350€*

*This pack does not include possible travel fees.

Business Event Photo and Video Pack

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Mastering the Art of Event Photography: A Journey of Experience and Innovation

With years of experience in the dynamic field of event photography, I bring not only artistic expertise but also a deep understanding of capturing the essence of corporate events.

Priding myself on efficiency, I ensure fast delivery of high-quality images and videos, so you can relive your event’s special moments or use them in your marketing efforts without delay.

Staying ahead in the ever-evolving photography industry, I utilize modern technologies and applications to bring a fresh, innovative perspective to every event I cover.

Understanding the importance of reliability, I have established robust backup solutions and collaborations with trusted service providers, ensuring seamless coverage and peace of mind for all your event photography needs.

Capturing Moments Across Borders: The Story of a Globetrotting Photographer

As an experienced professional photographer, I have spent years honing my craft across various European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Croatia. Working extensively as a freelancer, I have developed a keen eye for capturing the unique atmosphere and key moments of each event. My flexible and friendly approach is tailored to meet the diverse photo and video needs of my clients, ensuring that every project I undertake is executed with the utmost professionalism and creativity. Whether it’s a corporate event in Brussels or a cultural gathering in Paris, I bring the same passion and dedication to every shoot, guaranteeing memorable and stunning visual narratives for all occasions.

Showcasing the Essence of the EPP Event in La Hulpe

Delve into the vivid world of events with my Event Photography service, where each photo is a narrative in itself. Preview a collection of 33 vibrant photos, handpicked from a comprehensive gallery of over 130 photos, all meticulously crafted to capture the authentic essence of your event.

Witness the energy and interactions of the Global Pricing Forum in La Hulpe, Belgium, through my lens. These 33 selected photographs (out of a total of 130+ which were delivered to the client) are a vivid portrayal of the event’s dynamics. From candid expressions of engagement to the intricate details that set the tone of the forum, each image is a chapter of the day’s story.

Lightly edited to preserve the genuine atmosphere of the event, these photos are more than just visual keepsakes; they are enduring reminders of moments, emotions, and experiences. Whether it’s capturing a poignant speech, a shared laugh among participants, or the meticulous setup of the venue, every shot is thoughtfully composed to reflect the unique ambiance of the event.

Event Photography is about much more than documenting faces and places; it’s about encapsulating the soul of your event’s story. It’s about freezing those fleeting moments in time to create a lasting and impactful narrative.

Planning an event and wish to capture those unforgettable moments? Reach out for Event Photography, and let’s ensure the spirit and vibrancy of your event are preserved for posterity.