Office, Medium Photo Pack (25 photos, plus optional 8) – Transform Your Workspace: Discover the Office Medium Photo Pack

In today’s fast-paced business world, the visual presentation of your workspace can significantly impact client perceptions and decision-making. High-quality office photos are essential, especially for companies like IWG (Regus), engaged in renting office spaces globally. They not only showcase the professional and aesthetic appeal of the office environments but also play a key role in attracting potential clients who are seeking their ideal workspace.

Photography Service Inclusions and Pricing Overview

  • * 25 photos at the location representing the interior, exterior
  • * The client is offered in total 33 photos to choose from, so it is possible to purchase addtional photos
  • professionaly edited HDR photos in size of 4500pix

Price: 330€ *

*This pack does not include possible travel fees.

Office Photography, Medium Photo Pack

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Showcasing the Regus offices in Luxembourg

This Office Photo Pack, featuring 25 HDR photos, is specifically designed to capture the essence and ambiance of office spaces. This photoshoot, conducted in Luxembourg for IWG company and their subsidiary Regus, showcases my expertise in capturing the functionality and design elegance of office spaces, demonstrating the high standards I bring to every project.

Whether you are looking to enhance your online presence or create compelling marketing materials, these photos serve as a powerful tool to communicate the quality and character of your office spaces. They provide a glimpse into the environment you offer, enticing prospective clients to envision themselves in these spaces.

Ready to elevate your office’s appeal with professional photography? Connect with me to explore how the Office Photography Photo Pack can transform your rental business’s image and attract the right clientele.