Real Estate, Medium Photo Pack (22 photos, plus optional 6)

Elevate Your Space with the Real Estate Medium Photo Pack

Step into the world of enhanced visual storytelling with my Real Estate Medium Photo Pack. Perfectly suited for those who seek a comprehensive visual representation of their property, this package offers a suite of 22 meticulously edited photos, capturing every detail with precision and artistry.

Photography Service Inclusions and Pricing Overview

  • * 22 photos at the location representing the interior, exterior
  • * The client is offered in total 28 photos to choose from, so it is possible to purchase addtional photos
  • professionaly edited HDR photos in size of 4500pix

Price: 180€*

*This pack does not include possible travel fees.

Real estate photography

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Showcasing the semi-attached House in Mersch

In a recent collaboration with Carlos Saraiva, a distinguished real estate agent in Mersch, Luxembourg, I had the opportunity to showcase a charming two-floor house with a garden. Though semi-attached, this property radiates uniqueness and warmth. From the inviting exterior to the intimate interior spaces, each of the 22 photos selected from a choice of 26-28 captures the essence of a home that beckons with potential and comfort.

This package goes beyond basic photography. It includes advanced editing techniques to perfect each scene – removing unsightly elements like wires or wall damages, replacing, adding or enhancing skies and clouds, and more, to present the property in its best light. The result is a collection of images that not only depict a space but tell its story, inviting viewers to imagine the possibilities.

Witness how the Real Estate Medium Photo Pack can transform a property into a compelling narrative. Whether it’s highlighting the cozy corners of a family home or accentuating the spaciousness of a garden, these photos are crafted to captivate and engage potential buyers.

Looking to showcase your property with a touch of finesse? Contact me for a Real Estate Medium Photoshoot Pack and let’s reveal the true character of your space.