Social Networks, Basic Photo Pack – Boost Your Online Presence

In today’s digital age, your online image is as crucial as your physical presence. Introducing my Social Networks, Basic Photo Pack – the perfect solution for businesses and services looking to make a mark on social media. This package offers an array of 50 professionally shot and lightly edited photos, designed to capture the essence of your business and engage your audience.

Photography Service Inclusions and Pricing Overview

  • * 50 professionally shot photos at the client’s location representing the interior, exterior, product (or service) and owner/employees.
  • * professionaly edited and adapted photos for social media platform chosen by the client
  • * 3 months of dedicated posting every two days on the social media platform according to client’s choice
  • * specially designed and optimized call-to-action texts, perfectly complementing the visuals to maximize engagement

Price: 1750€*

*Please note, this pack focuses solely on posting and does not include comment management, moderating or editing. This pack does not include possible travel fees.

Social Networks, Basic Photo Pack (50 photos, 3 months posting on the platform chosen by the client)

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Showcasing the gin distillery from Germany

Experience the magic of this pack through my recent collaboration with Euelsberger, a quaint gin distillery in Germany, helmed by the passionate founder, Stephan Thomé. The collection of 50 photos showcases the distillery’s unique character, from the intricate process of gin-making to the subtle charm of the location, each image is a story waiting to be told.

But that’s not all – this pack goes a step further. I offer a hands-on approach to managing your online presence. Over three months, I will personally curate and post these images on one of your chosen social media platforms, every second day. Accompanying these visual narratives, I’ll craft short, engaging call-to-action messages, designed to captivate your audience and enhance your brand’s digital footprint.

Imagine the impact of consistent, high-quality content on your social networks. Whether it’s highlighting the craftsmanship of gin distilling at Euelsberger or showcasing your unique services, these photos are more than just images; they’re tools to build your brand and connect with your audience.

Transform your social media landscape with my Social Networks Basic Photo Pack: a collection of 50 vibrant photos, coupled with 3 months of dedicated posting on your chosen platform. Elevate your online presence and engage your audience like never before. Ready to make an impact? Get in touch to start your social media journey!