Small Business, Basic Photo Pack (16 photos)

High-quality business photos are vital for establishing a strong, professional image in the visually-centric business world. They elevate your brand’s credibility and are key in communicating your company’s values and narrative. My Basic Photo Pack for small businesses is tailored to fit these needs efficiently and affordably, offering a range of professional images that enhance your brand’s online and offline presence. Additionally, the option to include a photo of the business owner allows for a personal touch, connecting your audience with the face behind the brand, should you choose to do so.

Photography Service Inclusions and Pricing Overview

  • * 16 photos at the client’s location representing the interior, exterior, product (or service) and owner.
  • * The client is offered in total 22 photos to choose from, so it is possible to purchase addtional photos
  • professionaly edited photos in size of 4500pix

Price: 150€*

*Please note, a photo of the owner is optional. This pack does not include possible travel fees.

Small Business, Basic Photo Pack

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Showcasing Elegance at Blush Beauty Room, Belgium

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Blush Beauty Room, as seen through my lens during the crisp December days. This gallery of 16 photos narrates a story of elegance and comfort within the salon’s walls. Experience the grandeur through wide and standard shots of the interior, each frame capturing the essence of tranquility and luxury.

Witness the harmony of technology and aesthetics with my snapshots of cutting-edge beauty machines and select products, each symbolizing a commitment to excellence in beauty care.

And at the heart of it all is the portrait of the owner, the visionary force behind Blush Beauty Room. Her passion and dedication radiate through the image, embodying the soul of this sanctuary of beauty.

Join me on this visual journey and behold the splendor of Blush Beauty Room, a place where every detail is a tribute to elegance and grace.

Interested in bringing your own vision to life? For more information or to book a photoshoot, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s capture the essence of your story together!