Two days ago I had a shoot in Luxembourg, yesterday in France and tomorrow… who knows? Belgium? Germany? That’s just how it works when you are a real-estate photographer, or freelance photographer for that matter.

But, as they say, when you love what you do then no effort is too much and I could not agree more. Photography is my passion and real-estate photography is what I am specialized in. (As well as commercial and business photography, including events and business portraits, but I will leave these topics for some other blog post.)

When you work as a freelancer and live so close to 4 different countries you never know what country will you be visiting next week, let alone in a month or two. Not to mention that I need to know at least two more languages: French and German. Thankfully, majority of my clients speak at least some English and to be honest, in this work, not much needs to be said. That’s the point of photography.

Picture speaks a thousand words, they say. And in multitude of languages – I’d add. 🙂

However,I do speak a little French too and, I’m proud to say, my French is getting better all the time. For German, well, not so much. But it did not stop me from doing many, many shoots in Germany, of course.

The photo-shoot itself went easy and in a friendly atmosphere. This is very important and it is the case in most of my shoots. Every job is done much better and is kinda pleasant experience for all when everyone is, you know, smiling and friendly. And that was the case in my shoot in France yesterday. There were two lovely ladies who were very nice and cooperative so all went well and fine.

Business and Commercial Photography in Stenay, France
Business and Commercial Photography in Stenay, France

Yesterday’s photo-shoot was about this local telecom provider shop in a small town Stenay in France.

So, when you visit different cities, obviously, if there is enough time, you’d like to learn about it and it’s attractions. Interestingly enough,despite the common knowledge of French consuming wine and champagne it looks like French people love beer too. As a matter of fact – there is even a beer museum in Stenay 🙂 I did not have enough time to visit the museum, but I took some snapshots of the city center. Here is one in black and white.

Business and Commercial Photography in Stenay, France
Real Estate Photography France

So, well, it was a nice trip to Stenay, I was happy with the job done and more importantly, they clients were happy too.

Goodbye, France, for now and I am sure I will see you soon again.