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Photography Portfolio January 9, 2020 Real Estate Photography, France

Two days ago I had a shoot in Luxembourg, yesterday in France and tomorrow … who knows? Belgium? Germany? That’s just how it works when you are a real-estate photographer, or freelance photographer for that matter. But, as they say, when you love what you do then no effort is too much and I could …

Photography Portfolio December 6, 2019 My Latest Photoshoot in Luxembourg

It is a pure luck that I enjoy driving. Not as much as I enjoy photography though, but I do enjoy driving. Why is it a pure luck? Well, if you’ve been to Luxembourg lately, you know what kind of traffic we have there. Yep. Takes a lot of patience. This is why it is …

Photography February 15, 2018 Birding

Birding in my backyard 🙂

Photography September 29, 2016 Sea, closeup and personal

no filters, no Photoshop 🙂 Sandy beach sunset

Photography Portfolio May 15, 2016 In my backyard
Just a few photos from my backyard...
Photography March 5, 2016 Photographing my friend’s cats

Few photos from yesterday’s photoshoot at my friend’s house.

Photography February 27, 2016 Adopt a cat

Cats waiting for adoptions, under the care of volunteers from S.O.S. Cat rescue group.

Photography February 2, 2016 Black and white cat, waiting for adoption

Black and white cat, waiting for adoption… photography by bsilvia 😉

Photography January 15, 2016 Winter Sunset

Winter sunset in my backyard.

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