Phew! Days are flying by like clouds over BeNeLux – and they do fly fast! Just the other day (already a week ago!) I was thinking about posting the photos I took in Zottegem, but here we are: four cities and several photoshoots later. It’s a whirlwind of activity, and keeping up can be quite the challenge.

A Snapshot Day in Vilvoorde

Just yesterday, I was in the delightful town of Vilvoorde, not far from Brussels, the vibrant capital of Belgium on a photoshoot. The weather was as mixed as a Belgian waffle – sun, clouds, and a sprinkle of rain. After the work was done, I walked around the place. I took several snapshots, capturing moments just for myself and for later reflection. These images aren’t just pictures; they’re windows to my memories, available for everyone to enjoy.

The Anticipation of a Photo Marathon

Tonight, at precisely 23:30, the excitement peaks as the Brussels Street Photography Festival announces the theme for the 2024 photo marathon. I can hardly wait! This will be my inaugural marathon, and although I’ve made excuses in the past, this year I’m all in. You can check out the festival and its thrilling challenges here.

Yesterday’s Moments, Today’s Stories

Here are a few snapshots from my stroll through Vilvoorde. Even though I was there on assignment, I couldn’t help but indulge in the joy of photography – snapping photos is my job and my joy! Just a few days ago, my hubby suggested I start a special section on my website titled “Doors”. It seems I’ve gathered quite the collection of door photographs! I plan to set this up next week, right after today’s photoshoot and tomorrow’s photomarathon.

What’s Next?

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed these glimpses into my day as much as I enjoyed capturing them. Stay tuned for the upcoming “Doors” section, and wish me luck at the photomarathon!

Remember, whether you’re a budding photographer or an avid photo enthusiast, the world around you is brimming with moments waiting to be captured. Grab your camera, and let’s make memories together – one snapshot at a time!