At the end of last year, I was shooting some photos just for fun. Yes, now I have some time to do that, thanks to the bankruptcy of four photo agencies I used to work for. And there will be more and more time, it seems, due to AI software(s) that helps everyone to be a better photographer.

No, I am not disturbed because of that, au contraire! Maybe it is time to do something different, something non-commercial. I have some plans and ideas, actually a lot (not just some), but as per usual – I have trouble with realization.

Delving into one of my cherished concepts involves creating large-scale enlargements from my collection of black and white medium format negatives. I’m envisioning prints of substantial size, around 40×60 centimeters, adorned with exquisite gold leaf accents on select areas. This concept has been a longtime inhabitant of my imagination, a splendid idea that has yet to transition into reality.

Another ambitious venture I’m contemplating is the production of vast Van Dyke prints, utilizing the sun’s natural light as my photographic tool. The sheer scale of these prints presents a challenge, not least because of the significant space required – an obstacle I’ve conveniently flagged in advance! LOL

Anyway, at the end of the year, I took these fun photos, and now it’s time for someone to see them… maybe one or two of you 🙂